Local Dining Out List

Joining our Local Dining Out Group is very simple.
There is no membership fee, all we ask is for you to fill in our form to provide us with contact details. We can assure you that these details will only be used by our Local Dining Out Group and Woodgreen Village News (soon to be Local Village News) and will not be passed to any other party.
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Enter date joining list
enter email address, example: fred@gmail.com
enter first name of the main email address user
enter the surname of the main email address user
enter the first name(s) of all diners using email address
enter first line of your address, house name, number ion road, road name
enter the second line of your address if you have one, not the village or town
enter your Village only
enter the name of your town or nearest main town if a town is not normally in your address. example: Redlynch would be Salisbury
enter the County in your address, example: Hampshire for Woodgreen
enter the Post Code in your address with a space, letters in Capitals, example: SP6 2BG
enter your land based normally home phone number, use this format: 01725 513963 (if you really don't have one go to the next box and enter a mobile number)
enter the name of the user of the mobile number given so that we know who we will be speaking to if we need to call you.
enter a mobile phone number for the person named in the previous entry, please use the following format: 078105 356698
add your normal preferred Coach Pickup location
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